Long time no update~

Hi guys it has been a while since I last updated, mostly because I moved to Sydney and life has become a bit busier than before.... due to all the housework etcπŸ˜‘ Anyway now that I settled down I will start posting again here. Probably not much on Japanese but definitely on life and reflections. … Continue reading Long time no update~



Japanese class time! We will keep learning Japanese for daily usage... last week (actually 2 weeks ago) we learning the verb form - check the blog here. Today we will learn the expression for adjective い form. I deliberately seperate い form and γͺ form as I'd like to group the latter one with noun.^^ … Continue reading JAPANESE NOTES – EVERYDAY JAPANESE – 2

Summary of て, γͺい, た form

Thought I have said Happy New Year yesterday so won't overdo it... but just FYI in Japanese people say 'γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†'γŠ—οΈ at festivals or birthdays. Again my learning is progressing a bit slow due to the break, but I finally managed to complete lesson 19 and also did the review exercise for て, γͺい, dictionary and … Continue reading Summary of て, γͺい, た form

Happy 2018!! Sorry I have been missing some updates due to the holiday. We went to this cafe actually last week but couldn't find time to update. Well thought most of you guys would be enjoying holiday so probably no one would watch anyway. πŸ˜… Video length: 1:05 (it's a very short one so make … Continue reading