How to say give and receive in Japanese?

Last week we learned how to say give and receive in Japanese… I meant to write this earlier but because I have so much awesomeness to share (hehehe😼), I only got time to write it now.

So – how to say give/ receive in Japanese?

It’s a very interesting one – there are 3 words, depending on whether the recipient is ‘I’ or ‘the rest of the world’.

  • あげます – give (to anyone else other than me)
  • もらいます – receive
  • γγ‚ŒγΎγ™ – give (to me)

In practice, the prepositions here are に (or から) and γ‚’. Say the dog, the cat and me (Tivamoo) are passing on love β™₯️ to each other. We can say:

  • いぬはねこにβ™₯️をあげます。
  • ねこはいぬに/ からβ™₯️をもらいます。 
  • γ­γ“γ―γ‚γŸγ—γ«β™₯οΈγ‚’γγ‚ŒγΎγ™γ€‚

I was wondering what’s so special with people giving things to me. There is no official answer for it but the closest one making sense (to my simple mindπŸŽƒ) is that ‘γγ‚ŒγΎγ™’ implies gratitude and hence is used when someone gives ‘me’ stuff.

Anyway that’s what we learned last week. I will keep up and post weekly notes from my class; so the blog will now have three main areas: Vlog, Japanese and some of my random crazy thoughts! 😽😽😽

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